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About Hazelhurst Cattery

Mark & Hilary Cooper bought Hazelhurst Cattery as a going concern in January 2010 and have rebuilt the cattery to offer clean, bright accommodation for the guests. We love cats and have had up to 24 of our own, many being ex client cats for varying reasons.

We encourage you to bring something that smells of home to help your kitties settle in quicker. All bookings are via email not WhatsApp or messenger please

We have animal loving owners, staff & students who will care for your pets during your holiday or enforced break. Medicated and diabetic cats very welcome. medicines must be in vet provided containers and more than enough for their stay in case of accidents. Visits preferred before securing the booking with a £10 per cat deposit. Local collection and delivery. We can normally do a pedicure for a minimum of £2.50 per cat to our cat charity The National Animal Trust please just ask. Brushing will be done on longer haired cats to help them maintain a healthy coat.

Heated cabins during winter, outdoor area in each but all pens under cover, toys provided. Felix as good as it looks is our main wet food others available at no extra cost, Royal Canin indoor longhair, TD & light cocktail of dry food offered, grain free or special diets often catered for at no extra cost. Specialist diets must be provided with instructions where necessary.

Cash or bank transfer for payment. No extra charge for Christmas for heating or stays, except a minimum £2 cash charge per cat on arrival for the staff working the festive period.

Vaccination record should be electronically sent via email showing personal details of cat(s) and last signed veterinary record please. Male cats over 7 months must be neutered according to our licence conditions due to the additional risk of infection. We reserve the right to administer flea and or worm treatment if pets found to be suffering from these & charge you but we will contact you first to check what they can have and when they last had such treatments.

Long stays must be secured with a month in advance then monthly payments.


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Hazelhurst Cattery

Hazelhurst Cattery

28 Stratford Road Leicester LE32SU
0116 289 9598 Click to call